VBScript (short for Visual Basic Script Edition)

Is an interpreted language for the Microsoft Windows Scripting Host.

Its syntax reflects its origins as a variation of Visual Basic programming language. It has made significant support from Windows administrators as automation tool because, joint and parallel improvements in Windows operating systems where it operates essentially allows more leeway and flexibility than the batch language (or batch) developed in the late 1970s for MS-DOS.

The growing use of Internet technologies has made significant progress on this language, because it is a fundamental part of running server applications programmed in ASP (Active Server Pages), which are booming in the period 1997-2003 , presently declining in technologies for managed code and safer processes running in virtual machines, and therefore more suitable for execution on publicly accessible and distributed environments. Microsoft has tried to compete with this technology also in customer environments where the language most commonly used is Javascript or ECMAScript standard version, without success. Currently Microsoft has not made publicly available new versions of language in favor of the .NET technology in which the brother Visual Basic language, within the runtime environment of the .NET platform (CLR, or Common Language Runtime) is included. But still very useful in management of workstations and servers in Windows.

VBScript is played by the scripting engine vbscript.dll, which can be invoked by the ASP engine asp.dll in a web environment, wscript.exe in a Windows environment GUI for cscript.exe is a line environment iexplore.exe commands and scripts when it comes to customer level (similar to JavaScript). When the VBScript source code is stored in separate files, they typically have a .vbs extension.

When used in Internet Explorer, VBScript works very similar to JavaScript, processing content code in the HTML document. VBScript also be used to create separate HTML (.hta extension) applications that need Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher to be executed. Application developers often prefer JavaScript web due to their greater compatibility with other browsers, since VBScript is available only for Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, and not on others such as Firefox or Opera.

VBScript is the language used to write some famous network worms, such as I Love You. This is due to several reasons. First, resembling a blue parchment representing the .vbs file icon may lead to inexperienced users think that this is a text file. Second, it is easy to write a VBScript worm that spreads via e-mail (few lines of code required). Microsoft has fixed security holes exploited by these malicious programs. This does not mean eradicated solved, it has only complicated the process; because if for example the I Love You spread via Outlook, now if you use the same method comes a warning, so that is commonly employed methods such as sending by SMTP server (rather more complex to program than by other method).


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