What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a language that can be used by professionals and beginners in the development and design of websites. Compilation required because the language works on the client side, browsers are responsible for interpreting these codes.

Many confuse language with Java but both languages ​​are different and have their unique characteristics. JavaScript has the advantage of being incorporated into any web page it can be executed without the need to install another program to be displayed.

Java for its part has as its main feature being a platform-independent language. You can create any kind of program that can be run on any computer market: Linux, Windows, Apple, etc. Due to its characteristics it is also widely used for the Internet.

As a summary it can be said that Javascript is a scripting language based on prototypes, while Java is a object oriented language.

Why use Javascript?

This is a  language with many possibilities, used to create small programs that are then inserted into a web page and in larger programs aimed at much more complex objects. Javascript we can create different effects and interact with our users.

This language has several features, among them we can mention a share-based language that has fewer restrictions. In addition, it is a language that uses Windows and X-Windows systems, much of the programming in this language focuses on describing objects, write functions that respond to mouse movements, openings, using keys page loads among others.

It should be stressed that there are two types of JavaScript: on one side is running on the client, this is the Javascript itself, although technically called Navigator JavaScript. But there is also a Javascript running on the server is newer and is called LiveWire Javascript.

How did Javascript?

Javascript born with the need to allow authors to create web site pages that allow users to exchange with, and that is needed to create more complex sites. The only allowed to create static HTML pages where you could display text with styles, but you need to interact with users.

Below I attach a trap about “JavaScript Cheat Sheet”

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