NetBeans 6.0 Keyboard Shortcuts & Code Templates

What is NetBeans?

Netbeans is an environment of free and open source development (currently at version 8.0.2)

This IDE allows the use of a wide range of development technologies for both desktop and Web applications, or mobile devices.

It supports the following technologies.

Java, PHP, Groovy, C, C ++, HTML5, etc.
It can also be installed on various operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

Key Features

Usually it supports almost all the innovations in the Java language. Any preview of language is quickly supported by Netbeans.

Wizards for creating and configuring various projects, including the choice of some frameworks.

Good code editor, multilingual, with the usual colored and suggestions of code access to classes by clicking on the code version control, location location of the current class, syntactic and semantic checks, code templates, coding tips, tools refactoring, … and so on. There are also technologies where we can use the click and drag to include components in our code.

Simplifies the management of large projects using different views, wizards help, visualization and structuring an orderly manner, which helps in everyday work. Once we get into a java class, for instance, we will display different windows with code, its location in the project, a list of methods and properties (alphabetically) there is also a view that presents the having our class hierarchies and many other options. Of course customizable according to the taste of each user.

NetBeans 6.0 Keyboard Shortcuts & Code Templates

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