What is Vim ? ”

Vim ( ” VI Improved” ) is a ” clone VI ” , similar to the text editor “vi” program.

Vim does not only work in text mode at any terminal ,
but also has a graphical user interface , menus and mouse support .

availability :
Vim is available for many platforms and has many features
added compared to VI .

Operating Systems.
Vim is available for many systems: AmigaOS , Atari MiNT , BeOS ,
DOS, MacOS, NextStep , OS / 2 , OSF , cliffs , SGI, UNIX , VMS , Win16 & Win32
( Windows95 / 98/ 00 / NT ) – and especially FreeBSD and Linux.

Copyright .
The copyright is in the hands of the main author and maintainer , Bram Moolenaar < bram@vim.org > . Vim is a “program – of – love” ( ” charity – ware” ) ,

Vim is OpenSource and everyone is can improve it!

Features offered vim.

Vim is much easier for beginners than VI because the
availability of well extensive online help , command to “undo” (undo )
and “redo ” ( redo )

Vim has support for the character set iso – latin1 and for termcap .

Characters and languages ​​:
Vim supports editing right – to – left.

With Vim you can select text
change the Capitalisation of letters or format the text even

Vim has commands which complete your input – either with
commands, file names or words.

For further assistance attached capture “Cheat Sheet ”

vi vim unix cheat sheet

more info vi vim Cheat Sheet

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