What is Play Store Download ?

Is the official market to Android users and is managed by Google.

More about Play Store.

A bit of history in mid 2008 was born Android Market.
This site was a great success and was gradually each year by multiplying the number of users and applications available for download.

In mid March 2012, the service was relaunched with a new look and a new name , calling now Google Play and counting at that time with over 450,000 applications available .

Today has more than 800,000 applications available
far surpassing its competitors App Store has only 775,000 and in last place Windows Phone Store with a poor number of 150,000 applications available.

Store Download UNIX commands Play


Google Play offers quick and easy access to their applications .
Applications are created by developers around the world and then punctuated by Android users.

The menu has the following options:

Displayed: progress through the icons at the top to see the applications shown .
Applications: examines all applications by category or search applications .
Games: examines all games games or search by category.


Store Download UNIX commands Play

this portal has too a search: about applications in google play

Play Store Download

The great novelty of Google Play refers to developers: they will be able to make their content available on an open Google service offering system feedback and rating service similar to YouTube . Developers will have an open and unobstructed environment to make their content available . The content can be on the market after three steps: register as a merchant , upload and describe your content and publish it. To register as a developer can upload applications and must pay a registration fee (US $ 25.00 ) by credit card (using Google Checkout ).

The developers of payment applications received 70% of the total price of the application , while the remaining 30 % is for businesses .

The benefit of Google Play is paid to developers through their accounts in the Google Checkout system.

Play Store remains the market leader Android application , but must remain vigilant to the changing trends and new distribution platforms constantly emerging .

I enclose a link to the page of Google Play.  Play Store Download


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