This is a comparison between two very good web browser on the android market

UC Browser

uc-browser-logoCustom wallpapers online : You can now download a range of the latest wallpapers of our network.
Share to Twitter : Links and images can now be shared on Twitter. Delete browsing history on exit: Leaving UC Browser you now have the option to delete your browsing history , protecting your privacy.
Managing bookmarks improved touch phones :New and improved ways to manage your bookmarks in touch phones.AutoComplete keyword search : The search is faster and easier with auto-complete.


Opera Mini Browser

It views a web page thumbnail and zoom to the desired area.
Virtual mouse (cursor ) controlled by the joystick or navigation keys mobile.
Quick Scroll using the keys 2,8,6,4 .
Zoom by pressing button 5.
Ability to adjust to the mobile screen with 2 clicks .
Intelligent Charging: on page load indicates where to start reading without running into headers or banners.
Opera-Mini-logoDynamically resize the text and images to fit the screen of the device and minimize the use of displacement.
It has a mode in which the web page is displayed as a single column adjusting to the screen and eliminating the horizontal scroll . horizontal.
The 1 key opens a context menu from which you can select the appropriate display options , even for images.
Greater compatibility with the different Style Sheets ( CSS ).
Intelligent data transfer : loading a page select the relevant code to load the site up to 2 times faster than an ordinary browser, a site that weighs reducing 270Kb to 40Kb.

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